New Senior Members

Welcome to Civil Air Patrol and Squadron 50!

We are happy to have you. Being new to CAP, even if you’ve served in the military, can be quite an experience. It can be rewarding in so many ways, mostly depending on why you joined. If you joined to be with your child then you will have opportunities to attend activities together and also learn more about their program. Perhaps you don’t have a child in the program or just want to learn something different… CAP is the place. We have so many career paths that can give you growth in areas you already know and also give you experiences you never expected to have. This page is your reference for how to get started in CAP and succeed in our program. We will work as a team to achieve your goals and also make our squadron better through your efforts.


  • Establish eServices Account (This is CAP’s central hub for members and has links to most everything you will need while in CAP)
  • Browse the CAP site for members and explore other opportunities or learn more about our program

Level One

As a new Senior Member you have 90 days to complete the following course:

DO NOT take the Cadet Protection Advanced Course until you have been signed off on the Basic Course. You also need to be assigned within the Cadet Program or advised to do so.

Once you’ve completed your online Level One training, including the Cadet Protection Training Program, let the Professional Development Officer know. No one receives notifications when you complete these courses so it’s up to you to schedule your meeting with the commander and work on your Plan of Action.

Level Two

Now that you’ve completed your Level One training and officially been assigned your duties, it’s time to start your Level Two training. Level One is just the beginning of your training as both an officer in CAP and also within your career path. After completing Level One the following are expected to be completed within the first six months of your membership. Here is the list along with details about their completion.

Officer Basic Course – found in eServices in Learning Management System in the Professional Development section. This prepares you for 1st Lieutenant.

Begin working on your Specialty Track Technician Rating. Find your Specialty Track Guide and begin reading the Technician section. At the end there should be a checklist of what you need to accomplish in order to get your next rating. All specialty tracks require time in service and this varies between 6 months to a year working in your duty assignment and improving your skills. Several of the specialty tracks have online tests you need to complete before moving on. The tests are all located in the Learning Management System Remember to only take the tests for the rating you are working towards. The system won’t stop you from taking tests you don’t need yet however it’s against CAP regulations to test beyond your current achievement. If you need help understanding the requirements reach out to your mentor or the Professional Development Officer (PDO).

Yeager Test – CAP is an aerospace oriented organization and regardless of your duty assignment, it is incumbent upon all CAP members to at least have a basic knowledge of Aerospace Education. Aerospace Education Officers are required to take this test for future advancement and all other members are required to take as well. Members are given 6-12 months to complete this test. Your deadline is located in your Plan of Action. Please let the Professional Development Officer know when you complete this test. No notifications are sent so we are in the dark again.

In the next year or two, take the Squadron Leadership School SLS. This is also required for 1st Lieutenant. Take this course in person, not online if it’s offered there.

Other Information of Use

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