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Ready to Start Your Emergency Services Training?

First review the Intro to ES presentation then go to the Online Tests Section below and start with the first test, CAP Test 116. When you have passed your CAP Test 116 you will be given your General Emergency Services (GES) rating which allows you to start training in one of many CAP ES ratings. After completing your GES rating, start taking the remaining tests in the order shown below. Make sure you do the basic ICUT training so you can use the radios.

Online Tests
CAP Test 116 – General ES
CAP Test 117 Part 3 – Continuing Education
FEMA IS-100 – Introduction to Command Systems
FEMA IS-200 – Single Resources and Initial Action Incidents
FEMA IS-700 – NIMS An Introduction
FEMA IS-800 – National Response Framework, An Introduction
FEMA IS-809 – Emergency Support Function (ESF) #9 – Search and Rescue
CAP Test 117 Part 2 – Continuing Education
CAP Test 117 Part 1 – Continuing Education

Communications Training
Introductory Communications User Training (ICUT)

Pilot Information
CAP Pilot Guide

ES Training Presentations

ES Forms/Manuals