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I wanted to share something my daughter wrote when I stepped down as commander last month because I think it emphasizes why we adults do what we do in this program.

"Written in honor of the service of Maj. Jon Domke.
The amazing thing about Jon Domke in CAP and in life is that he cares with all his being. As his daughter and as a cadet, he always pushed me to promote and go to every possible activity, and I'm sure other cadets can empathize.
He expects a lot because he knows that we are more capable than a lot of other adults give us credit for as teenagers. In a world where people constantly underestimate teenagers, he knows how to push them towards greatness. He does it because he cares. There are people who left CAP 5+ years ago whom he still cares about and talks about, and he takes great pride and joy in hearing how CAP helps the cadets later on in life. Even now, 3 years after leaving, I often think back to the lessons I've learned from my time in Civil Air Patrol.
In short, thank you Sir, for making me attend those first three meetings so many years ago."

So thanks to my daughter Jori for reminding me why I'm in CAP
-Maj Jon Domke

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