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Glider Orientation Rides – Byron Airport – November 3rd

Cadets interested in Glider Rides are encouraged to sign-up. Make sure you have completed both your Wing Runner and Ground Handling training and have your forms ready for upload. As with all Orientation Rides, it is dependent on availability of pilots, aircraft, money, and weather. Subject to cancellation, we have no control over this.

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Main Street Day – Ripon – Oct 20, 2018

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Modesto Veteran’s Day Parade – November 11, 2018

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High Altitude Rescue Training Registration is Open

This is our annual advanced search and rescue training event. If you have never attended one of our beginning events, you will need to wait until after that time. Participants are required to have GES, IC100 and ICUT prior to arriving. This is high altitude, 8000 feet, cold, and not an easy event.

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Squadron 50 Wins Quality Cadet Unit Award for 6th Consecutive Year

Thanks to the hard work of our cadet and senior staff, Squadron 50 has won the Quality Cadet Unit Award for the 6th straight year. This award has only been in existence for 7 years and we only missed the first. This is a major accomplishment because only 480 units in the entire nation received this award in 2018.

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