Senior Staff

1st Lt Dwight Kuesthardt
Squadron Commander

Maj Jon Domke
Deputy Commander for Cadets

Squadron 50 Officers

Welcome to the adult member section of the Squadron 50 web site.  The adult program is designed to use citizens from our community to perform leadership and technical functions in support of our missions for America.  As a result CAP provides additional leadership development opportunities, and allows you to grow in an area of interest with CAP organizational goals.

How the adult program actually works; Adult members are either CAP Commissioned Officers or CAP Non-commissioned Officers.  An adult member is over the age of 18 in the adult program. Membership in CAP is not a federal military service, and appointments as either Officers or Non-commissioned officers are not from the federal government commissions but are made by the Civil Air Patrol Corporation. The Civil Air Patrol Corporation serves as the United States Air Force Auxiliary when performing assigned Air Force non-combative missions. As a member you will pay annual dues to the National Headquarters, which is located at Maxwell AFB in Alabama.

Are you confused yet – well don’t be, because we are professionals that may very well be your neighbors, volunteering our free time and expertise to do missions aiding local, State, and federal agencies. At times, we may be called to another state to aid in a major disaster or conduct homeland security missions that have been assigned by the Air Force in our capacity as their auxiliary.  We also work with our youth program (cadets) on leadership development and aerospace education.

If you apply for membership in the adult program and were a prior service Non-commissioned officer then you may apply to be an NCO in CAP. If you are a young adult between the ages of 18 and 21 then you will be appointed as a Flight Officer, and must take the same training as the commissioned officers in CAP.  Then depending on their time in grade and CAP professional training then they may receive advanced appointments. Adult members over 21 will enter as adult members ‘Officer Candidates’ and after basic CAP officer level one training they will be commissioned as a CAP Second Lieutenant. New members with prior military commissioned service or specific professions may be considered for advanced appointment depending on their qualifications.

Take a moment and visit the resource page on this web site and see what CAP professional field you would like to consider for professional development and CAP.



Maj Jon Domke
Communications Officer
Public Affairs Officer
Recruiting & Retention Officer

1st Lt Justin Jackson
Leadership Officer

2d Lt Katherine Glick
Administrative Officer
Safety Officer



1st Lt Dwight Kuesthardt Logistics Officer
Supply Officer
Transportation Officer

2d Lt Wade Crew
Squadron Activities Officer
IT Officer

2d Lt Raymund Martinez Aerospace Officer



2d Lt Jaime Montijo
Finance Officer
Personnel Officer

2d Lt Mark Day



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